Faces of freedom

In the year 2020 we celebrate the 20th death anniversary of Józef Tischner – a philosopher and a thinker deeply engaged in public affairs. The 2nd Tischner Congress, by which we want to pay tribute to his person, aims to remind the person of the Priest-Professor and ask the question about the actuality of his thought. During the 1st Congress, in year 2011, we regarded his oeuvre through the prism of Truth and Goodness, whereas the leitmotiv of the presently announced Congress will be freedom and its various faces. We deeply believe that freedom has a fundamental meaning for every person and a drama, which takes place between people.

Organizing committee

Prof. Zbigniew Stawrowski

Dr Maria Karolczak

Prof. Marek Drwięga

Prof. Krzysztof Mech

Elżbieta Hernas