“Thinking in Values” (No 1) Solidarity


“Thinking in Values” (No 1) Solidarity

Oprawa: miękka
Instytut Myśli Józefa Tischnera
Rok wydania: 2007
Język: angielski

Solidarity (2007)

We are glad to recommend You the reading of the first annual issue of Thinking in values, which is dedicated to the topic of solidarity. Why solidarity? Not only is it one of the most important concepts of Tischner`s philosophy, but it is also one of the most important events in the recent history of Poland and Europe. More importantly, solidarity is an idea which continually enriches our thinking about the modern world.

When Tischner began his studies of the idea of solidarity he was convinced that it can be saturated with a concrete content by the experience of August `80 in Poland. He believed that thanks to analyzing this experience he would reach the ethical, social and religious dimensions of solidarity. In the section “Tischner on Solidarity” you will find a selection of texts that show Tischner`s engagements with the phenomenon of solidarity in the 80`s. We also recommend the text “Solidarity Years Later”, written from the perspective of the 90`s.

In this idea useful to clarify and understand what community means, and are we ready to embrace this idea? The section “On Solidarity: Articles, Commentaries, Polemics” features articles that came into being in recent years. They take up Tischner`s analyses and the experience of August `80, however, above all, they demonstrate that solidarity is a relevant social, moral, and ethical idea.

This year we recommend Professor Karol Tarnowski`s book To hear the Invisible, which is a complete and especially profound study of the problem of faith. We also encourage you to take a look at the first article in our journal, from the section “Tischner`s Focus”. This year we have prepared for you a systematic introduction to Tischner`s philosophy.

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